Sunday, January 22, 2006

Dexter and Me

I love to read and I love dogs. So when I saw the book "Marley & Me: life and love with the world's worst dog" by John Grogan it was in my shopping cart before I even finished reading the front jacket. I have a Marley in my life. His name is Dexter. Dexter, (not his official name, just what we call him) has a pedigree longer than anyone I know. He was bred for grace, silence and skill in the hunting field and to be an impeccable gentleman's dog. He is none of these. His official name is Kemble's Socrates and he is an English Pointer whose lineage reads like the Queen of England's. (inbreeding included.) He is a registered gun dog who is afraid of the pop of bubble gum. During thunder storms he turns into a quivering mass of drool and panting plastered to my side. If a balloon pops in his vicinity he is inconsolable. And I am head over heels in love with this neurotic mass of a dog that is 75 pounds of sweetness and love wrapped up in a dog. And he with me. I will never be loved by anyone the way Dexter loves me. I know that I am loved by a few humans. Humans who know I am a little neurotic, a little obsessive/compulsive, overly sensitive, self centered and with a mean streak that's a little bit more than just a streak...and they love me in spite of it. Dexter loves me because of it. He loves everything about me. I am perfect in his eyes. I could be a serial killer coming home after a killing spree and he would congratulate me on a job well done! He accompanies me around the house heralding my arrival in each room with a bark and a howl. Gotta take a dump? I'll be right here waiting for you when your done, and oh, by all means, take your time, I'll come in periodically to check on you and get a kiss. Time for bed? You go right ahead. I won't leave your side till I know you are fast asleep. I will protect you all night long. When I am crying (not a rare occurrence these days) Dex is the first man on the spot. Without a word he has crawled up into my heart and fixed just a little bit of what is wrong. I have loved many, many dogs in my life but this one will be with me forever. One day, hopefully way in the future, even as I am instructing Dr. Kathy to yes, go ahead and euthanize him now, he will be wagging his tail for me, nudging my hand for just one more stroke and looking at me with eyes of complete adoration and trust. I love you too Dexter.


Blogger lemocha said...

I have puddled up over this blog. Honestly. What a lovely tribute to woman's best friend. Dexter's a good dog and Whackpatti is a good dog's loving companion. You make a formidable pair together!
P.S. You failed to mention what a good kisser he is and what a long tongue he has.

9:07 AM  
Blogger Griz said...

Dexter's a good boy. The best. Truly a sweet-barkin' dog...who happens to snore louder than your father and I both...which is quite a tribute!

7:11 PM  

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