Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Stuff My Bra

I have huge tits! Their enormity sometimes works in my favor, sometimes against. Even when I was fifty pounds lighter I still had a nice rack. They were so round and firm! Now they are so oblong and gelatinous! Yesterday I was working at my school. It was a teacher-only day, no students. While I love my little ones, days without student contact are fulfilling in a different way. Lots gets done! I was working on an art project that our darlings will do on Monday. I said "art" but if I am involved there will be no "art"....let's call it a craft project. Crafts, I can do. We are going to make banners in honor of Chinese New Year. They are gonna love it as much as I loved putting them together. Anyway, back to my boobs. I was listening to music on my rather antique-ish 4th Generation Ipod. My click wheel (Ethel, that is like a dial on a radio) is particularly sensitive. I had no pockets and I needed to be mobile for my project so I tucked my Ipod away in my brassiere. It was a tight fit! After assembling all my supplies I sat down to put the banners together ala assembly line. Every time I reached for the stapler my song would change! It made me giggle every time. I would like to thank the following folks for making my day fly by: Adam Sandler, Avril Lavigne, The Beatles, Blue Oyster Cult, Counting Crows, Eartha Kitt, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Janice Joplin, Marc Cohn, MXPX, Raffi, Tom Waits and Tony Bennett.


Blogger lemocha said...

I too find my massive bosom a good place for storing things. When it's my "monthlys" and I am wearing a dress or skirt at work with no pockets, I will often stuff two of my tampons into my cleavage so I don't have to dig around in my purse for them during the day. Very handy indeed!

2:17 PM  
Blogger Griz said...

I think this is the very reason the designers at Apple Computer came up with the LOCK switch on the iPod. Initial testing proved the "Rack Factor" was over-stimulating to the click-wheel. Now if only men came with a LOCK switch, right? You could unlock them to stimulate and lock it back down to keep them from losing their to speak...

8:26 AM  

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