Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Warren and Sue

Warren and Sue. Those names are music to my ears. I know many people who bounce around from friend to friend. Raising and lowering the status of their "best friends" according to behavior of the day. I am not one of those people. While I love my family and they love me, the love I have for Warren and Sue is not mandatory nor a "given." Yet I adore them. They are ALWAYS there for me, no matter what, day after day after day. I could not get rid of them if I wanted to. (What an absurd thought.) My behavior can be abhorrent. I can have an acid tongue and they love me. I can be a big lump of quivering crazy and they love me. I have friends who love me period. I need not say anything more.....but I will. And they will love me. Family members have to love me. Warren and Sue want to. (Now, when I say family I am not referring to my husband, my father or my son....those three men in my life are a gift and easy to love. Had I not been related to them I would have chosen them as best friends.) Okay....the underlying current here is (and always will be) when referring to family, is my Mom. I don't feel from her the much touted unconditional love. I feel the love most of the time but not every single minute of every single day, which is what, in my often unrealistic and grandiose mind I think a mother's love should provide. I love Warren and Sue. They are perfect in every way...
just like me! :)


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