Sunday, April 02, 2006

Swim or Die? Nah! Swim or Dye!

A few months ago I blogged in an entry titled "Swim or Die", about my desire to take better care of my earthly vessel. Because of some health issues, swimming is about the only fitness activity that doesn't make me cringe in pain. I am fat and sick and I am sick of being fat. So, in January with the best of intentions, I wrote out a check for a one-year membership in a health club with wonderful swimming facilities. I went every day for nearly 30. Then I went a coupla days a week. Then I went one day in a coupla weeks. Last week I thought I had gotten my mojo back and went two days in a row. Yesterday my reason (read: lame excuse) for not going was that I HAD to dye my hair (Hate that gray? Wash is away!) and could not expose the few precious strands of hair that I have left to the chlorine. (Remember I make a choice every day to pull out many of strands of what used to be my luxurious mane.) So here I sit fat as ever but man does my hair look good!


Blogger lemocha said...

Very clever title. Speaking of pulling your hairs out one at a time, you might have enjoyed helping the husband and I with our "remodeling" task today. We took down wallpaper (most gruesome task) but you might have enjoyed pulling long strands of wallpaper off the walls. It reminded me of how you would beg to pull peoples dead sunburned skin off in strips.

11:19 AM  
Blogger Griz said...

I think you'd look quite striking with a head of silver. It'd really set off your gorgeous blue eyes!

I love you and just wish you'd be heatlthier. But how can I wish you to be when I'm a slovenly pig? But then, you should do it for our son's sake, not mine. We both really need you and want you to continue to be in our lives forever and ever.

12:40 PM  
Blogger xanthus said...

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6:37 AM  

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