Friday, July 28, 2006

Goldilocks and the Three Pools

I have been swimming quite alot this summer. I am on what Richard Simmons would would call a "live-it" which in his mind is the opposite of diet. I swam a bit over the winter and spring which in Oregon must be done inside. One of my health clubs has two indoor pools. One is the lap pool and the other is called the warm pool. The lap pool is too cold. The warm pool is too hot. During the summer in Oregon, most days swimming can comfortably be engaged in outside. My second health club membership has an outdoor pool. And this one is just right. Not only is the temperature perfect but it is surrounded be trees. Everywhere you look....beautiful trees. So I can dog paddle to my hearts content and all is well.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Warren and Sue

Warren and Sue. Those names are music to my ears. I know many people who bounce around from friend to friend. Raising and lowering the status of their "best friends" according to behavior of the day. I am not one of those people. While I love my family and they love me, the love I have for Warren and Sue is not mandatory nor a "given." Yet I adore them. They are ALWAYS there for me, no matter what, day after day after day. I could not get rid of them if I wanted to. (What an absurd thought.) My behavior can be abhorrent. I can have an acid tongue and they love me. I can be a big lump of quivering crazy and they love me. I have friends who love me period. I need not say anything more.....but I will. And they will love me. Family members have to love me. Warren and Sue want to. (Now, when I say family I am not referring to my husband, my father or my son....those three men in my life are a gift and easy to love. Had I not been related to them I would have chosen them as best friends.) Okay....the underlying current here is (and always will be) when referring to family, is my Mom. I don't feel from her the much touted unconditional love. I feel the love most of the time but not every single minute of every single day, which is what, in my often unrealistic and grandiose mind I think a mother's love should provide. I love Warren and Sue. They are perfect in every way...
just like me! :)